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This innovative coding platform will teach kids the basics of coding and thus enable them to develop creative skills and problem-solving skills, and enhance their confidence.

About Us

CODZCENTER is an institute where you will get personnel attention, care and lifelong support regarding because owner of institute is teach all courses herself. You will get guidance for any software project and coding competitions. Your child will experience personalized learning in small classes⁠ guaranteed. Whatever their skill level, we'll design customized lessons for your child. There's no compromise for individual attention as owner is personally involved in teaching-learning process and taking care of each and every students. Enrolment in CodzCenter is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 9, 18, 22 or somewhere in between, we've customised curriculum to guide them from total beginner to college level expert coder with Microsoft and Python Certifications.
Now a days kids have been immersed in the world of Tabs/iPads, mobiles, computers, internet and social media. Because of these technologies they are wasting a lot of online time with these technologies. If you give them opportunity to learn how to make applications that will be used with these technologies they will start utilising these technologies instead of only using it. .

Our Feature

Space For Ideas
This is the initial step to learn coding and here kids will begin to do various experiments using visual blocks..
Fun And Engaging Curriculum
Each kid may learn differently so Natural language coding will allow them to use their own language and thus learn coding without any problem. Our aim is that nobody is left in the residue by intense coding language.
Professional Approach & Tools
Here kids will learn programming languages like JavaScript, Python and they will be able to develop games, apps, and other innovative projects.

Explore our Courses

Game Development and Animations –Scratch Platform

This is visual platform for learning coding in early age. Using MIT Scratch software young children can learn to solve problems ,create animations and their own stories and express themselves creatively on the computer Read More

Mobile App Development –App Inventor

Ever wondered how you can make these apps such as Calculator, Photo Gallery, Chat App, Google maps (that you use in your daily life) ? Now learn making apps in an easy manner with us Read More

Basic course of Python programming

This course will teach you the basics of Python 3, including conditional execution and iteration as control structures, and string and list as data structures. Read More

Python Game Development

Video games are computer programs that contains a bunch of instructions. Python can be used to build lots of different types of games Read More

WebDesign and Development

Create your first web page using HTML and CSS. Learn how to use Headings and Images. Using images and font styles, create a poster, a poem and a photo gallery, your school website, your city website and many more things. Read More

Advanced Python

Python advance course contains advanced python framework djago and advanced libraries of python that is used for web scraping and data analysis. Read More

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Learn about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, training data, and bias, while exploring coding and programming and learn how AI and machine learning can be used to address many real world problems.Read More

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